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Classical music forums, or bulletin boards, can be excellent sources of information, advice and encouragement for anyone learning or teaching an instrument, or who wants to discuss any aspect of classical music with like-minded individuals.


For anyone who has not joined a forum before and is unsure which to join, check out how active they are - how many "threads" (topics) are there, how many answers do threads receive and how recent are the posts?  Some of the most lively and informative music forums are outlined below.

Classical Music Forums


The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, which is the internationally-renowned music examining board, has a very active and supportive bulletin board where music teachers, students, adult learners and parents can ask for advice on any music-related topic.  The membership has a high proportion of teachers and advanced instrumentalists, so beginner students generally receive reliable help.


Specific questions relating to instruments can be asked in the Piano, Woodwind, Strings, Brass, Percussion, Harp, Organ or Voice forums.  There is also a forum devoted to music theory.  


Members organise regular concerts which adult learners of any level are welcome to attend.  There is also a lively online café for non-musical discussion!

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Bright Cecilia

With a name inspired by the Patron Saint of Music, the Bright Cecilia bulletin board focuses on the different periods in the history of music, with forums for Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern.  There are also forums for Opera and World Music.


The Classical Music Studio gives members the opportunity to discuss their compositions and matters connected with music performance.  


The woodwind.org bulletin board has active forums for clarinet and oboe.  It is based in the States, and therefore some of the discussions may be about instruments which are not sold in the UK.

Talk Classical

Talk Classical is an international forum for discussion on an extensive range of subjects related to classical music.

The Organ Forum

The Organ Forum is a mine of information and advice for musicians who play any type of organ, whether Hammond, pipe, theatre, digital or reed.

UK Piano

The UK Piano forum is hosted by the Association of Blind Piano Tuners, and has a bias towards technical matters.  This is the forum for you if you want to find out about a vintage piano, or need advice on a faulty piano or buying a new piano.

Links to other music resources on Polkadot Music Leeds include links to web sites about music theory, free sheet music, aural trainers and classical composers.