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Aural Trainers - free online aids

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Developing a good ear for pitch and rhythm forms part of the learning process for most music students. The main music examination boards - eg the ABRSM, Trinity College London and London College of Music - place particular importance on aural skills, and testing forms part of the graded examinations. The web sites featured below provide free online exercises to help students to develop aural skills.

The Rhythm Trainer


Improve your rhythm sense with this online trainer which enables you to identify the rhythms you hear.

Teoria offers a range of aural trainers for identifying chords, intervals, scales, rhythms and notes. Tutorials are also provided on the construction and recognition of written key signatures, scales, chords and intervals.


Intervals - ear trainer : classic.musictheory.net/90

Identifiying the difference between major, minor and perfect intervals can be improved with this interval trainer.

Scales - ear trainer : classic.musictheory.net/91

Train your ear to distinguish between all the types of scale - harmonic, melodic and natural minors, plus the major scale and all the modes.


Cadences, scales, intervals, chords and notes can all be tested with the Good-ear online exercise program. There are special exercises for beginners.

Links to other music resources on Polkadot Music Leeds include links to web sites about music theory, classical composers, classical music forums and free sheet music.



Preparation for the aural tests of the ABRSM graded examinations, up to Grade 8.  Instant access to individual practice tests and the ability to track your progress.  

ABRSM Aural Trainer

The ABRSM makes an Aural Trainer app available for download.  The ABRSM Aural Trainer aims to help students learn the requirements of the Grade 1-5 examinations.