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Polkadot Music publishes information which may be of interest to music students and enthusiasts of classical music:

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Polkadot Music Leeds Polkadot Website Design builds web sites for musicians and businesses Tips on choosing a music teacher Web sites about classical composers study aids for music theory aural trainers classical music forums Info on the main music examining boards Past ABRSM piano syllabuses concerts by amateur orchestras etc in Leeds Links to colleges which provide short courses for amateur musicians Beginners Guide to Music Groups

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Music teachers of any instrument who have a Leeds postcode are welcome to send their contact details to Polkadot Music for free-of-charge publication in the Leeds Music Teachers Directory

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Hi, I'm the owner of Polkadot Services, aka Polkadot Music and Polkadot Website Design.

I started learning music about 8 years ago - clarinet and music theory initially, then piano.  Recently I also started learning to play the soprano sax.  I have played clarinet in a concert band for the last 4 years, and one day I aim to play my sax in a jazz band.  I reserve my piano playing for my teacher and examiners, and occasionally for long-suffering family and friends!

I am much better at designing web sites than I am at playing music!  Although to avoid sounding immodest, I would mention that I have worked in the design and advertising industry for rather longer than I have been learning music.  I enjoy designing web sites as much as I love learning music, so there is nothing I like better than designing web sites for musicians.  

If you need a new web site, I would love to create one for you! Please feel free to contact any of my clients to ask them about the service I give and the results they have had from their web sites.

Leeds bands, ensembles and orchestras

Polkadot Website Design shows lots of examples of my web sites. If you like my designs and want to discuss your own web site, do get in touch by sending the contact form.

My service includes design, copywriting, construction and lots of other goodies, so please have a look at Polkadot Website Design for full details of the Polkadot web site package.

Look forward to hearing from you!

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